Medical technology design and supply of complete technology equipment, planning of medical gas system, planning of pneumatic tube post system, maintenance of nurse calling and pneumatic tube post systems.


The fundamental part of any medical investment is drawing up the medical technology design. This determines the functions, the necessary technical connections and medical equipment to give a starting point to the work of speciality designers. Already in the planning stage, efforts should be made to ensure economical operation.

As part of the delivering and administrative duties, during construction we supervise the building work so that it goes according to the plans. Apart from this we also organize the purchase of necessary equipment and coordinate the delivery, handover and installation of them. We also give demonstration about the correct use of the equipment to the staff of the customers. In the past period we participate in several transportation of medical technology to hospitals and clinics.

Our permits and permissions

Technical designer of the medical technology

Technical expert of the medical technology

Technical inspection of building and building technology

Technical leader of building and building technology


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