DSC01255 (1)Locally developed and produced KLX bed head units provide practical usage for patients, and medical personnel alike. There is a whole range of bed head units, from the simplest hospital room bed head units, to intensive technological service units, to suspended units and posts, all built in a desired size, from extruded aluminium profile. The shape and material of the bed head units make it possible to set up medical gases totally separately from the electrical equipments.

The lighting systems (LED, T5 fluorescent tube with electronic ballast) provide effective energy use, and also a peaceful rest and recovery for the patients. The light panel contains a reading light, LED night light, and a normal light, which can provide indirect lighting of the hospital room. In case a KLmed-C nurse calling system is also used, the reading lamp can be also switched on from the calling device.

The bed head units can be adapted to individual demands, plans, locations, so they would so they would fit in with the given environment.

The KLX-FT suspended technical posts provide a great value for money solutions for patient care at intensive care units, and they can also function as an anesthesiological stand.

The suspended bed head units make it possible to meet the continously changing demands with adjustable monitor stands, and infusion posts. The electric equipment is placed on the face panel, where it is possible to place light panels as well, while the medical gas outlets are placed on the other side.

The KLX bed head unit product family has an MSZ EN 60601-1-2:2008 qualification


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