DSC_3879kxExamining the experiences of the past few years we have been developed a new sleek feature, nurse calling system. The process led itself the regeneration of the external appearance. The units are smaller and easier to manage. In 2010, the market was already standing in the nurse calling system KLmed-S simple sound and visual and two-way speech- KLmed-C insurance system for sale. In request, we offer it with wireless personal supervisor system, /HomeFree/.

Out own, self-manufactured nurse-call systems range from simple, sound- and light alert system of the KLmed-S /standard/ to the KLmed-C /comfort/ system which offers a two-way communication contact; but we also offer medical services with the setup of the wireless HomeFree system.

The use of these systems makes the work of the nursing staff considerably easier, alarm calls can be made from toilets, bathrooms, patients’ beds or the nurse-call panels in hospital rooms.

The setup of the systems is flexible, for example the manual switch of the basic KLmed-C system can be upgraded and changed easily and any time to the sound-contact patient unit, and is completely adaptable to the needs of patients and possibilities of the circumstances.

Apart from the basic functions urgent alarms to doctors can be ensured too, satisfying even special demands. These systems include pleasant-looking LED door lighting on the corridors of wards.

According to the request of customers, we also provide a flat-rate maintenance service for our systems.

Our company takes the periodic maintenance and typefull-service care nurse call systems of older brands, including MEDIUM 101/201/501 / 501 / 2


KLMED-S sound and light signalling nurse-calling system

An easy and reliable system designed for long lasting durable usage with flexible possibilities. more...

KLMED-C nurse calling system with speaker connection

A state of the art nurse calling system with speaker connection, flexible functions and possibilities. more...

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