A state of the art nurse calling system with speaker connection, flexible functions and possibilities.


The KLMED-C nurse calling sys- tem, apart from the sound and light signals, provides a speaker connection between the nurse and the calling point. Installation of this system is advised for those places, where there is demand for high quality service, speaker con- nection between the nurse and patients in order to facilitate the nurse?s work, and other flexible functions.

Principal usages of the nurse calling system: In general hospital rooms, intensive care, VIP hospital rooms, high quality social or old people?s homes.

The advantages of the KLMED-C
nurse calling system are reliability,
easy handling, and high flexibility.
The simplicity of cabling and installation of the system makes it possible to change and update old systems without re-piping. The system can be installed by anyone with a weak current qualification, provided they are familiar with the installation manual.

After the installation, the system can be updated or expanded anytime, regarding the central unit, number of rooms, and the number of calling points.

A short description of the KLMED-C system In the central unit there is a 16 digit
alphanumeric display, which
shows the location of the caller,

including the room number, bed number (the name of caller can be included if necessary), and information about the presence of a nurse in the hospital room. The information shown on the display can be freely chosen, according to the wishes of the client. According to the current stan- dards, it is not possible to delete calls in the central unit. Thus, the nurse always has to visit the call- ing point, and she can only delete the call in the relevant hospital room.

KLMED-C central unit

Nurse?s device

Service announcements, or even direct calls to a given point, are also possible from the central unit.
Apart from the nurse calling function, the calling device has a reading lamp, and there is also a possibility of a radio function. Depending on the state of the patients, the calling device can be a simple emergency button.

The LED lights, which are placed above each hospital room, indicate the calls (red), and the presence of the nurse (yellow). These lights are clearly visible, even when the surrounding lights are intensive. The system has a nurse following function as well ? if a nurse presses the Present / Delete button in a certain hospital room, the next incoming call will be shown in that room as well as in the central unit.

Apart from normal calls, it is possible to make calls to a doctor, or reanimation calls.
The sound volume in the central unit is adjustable, but only with service or technical access.

The central unit can be connected to a computer (eg. via a USB port), which is able to record every event, and forward it to a central server, if necessary. If remote access is permitted, we will be informed about every problem, and thus troubleshooting can begin even before the staff notice the problem.

The calling devices are made of impact resistant ABS plastic, with an easy to handle, large red calling button.
Pull switches are installed in lavatories.

The nurse calling system has an MSZ EN60601-1-2:2008 qualification.

System characteristics

  • up to 32 hospital rooms served by 1 central unit,
  • alphanumeric display, which shows incoming calls, including room andbed numbers, distinguishing between calls from hospital rooms, lava-

    tories, etc.

  • possibility of telephone connection to central unit, possibility of SMSsending,
  • call diverting options in case of connecting central units,
  • possibility of sub central units at intensive care,
  • handling of inner and outer lavatories,
  • easy to clean surface,
  • possibility of recording events,
  • possibility of flexible expansion of system,
  • fast and reliable service,
  • 1 year basic guarantee, possibility of guarantee upgrade.


    ? EN ISO 9001:2008
    ? MSz EN ISO 13485:2010



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