An easy and reliable system designed for long lasting durable usage with flexible possibilities.

The KLMED-S nurse- calling system presents sound and light signals from the patients? side and alarm signals from lavatories. Installation is advisable wherever speaking contact is not necessary.

Principal usages of the nurse-calling system are: in the wards of general hospitals, intensive care, hospice departments, social homes and elderly homes. Reliability, simple and easy handling and great flexibility are the benefits of the system.

Cabling and installation
is easy, it gives the oppor-
tunity to change the older
systems without anew the piping. In possess of the thorough knowledge of the installation instructions the system can be installed by anybody who has weak-current qualification or has experiences.

Following the first installation the system can be supplemented anytime independently from the size of the central unit the number of rooms or the initiative calling points.

A short description of the KLMED-S system
In the central unit there is an alphanumeric display that shows the

caller?s location distinguishing the ward from the lavatory (e.g. ?5 WARD? or ?5 W WC?) respectively there are visible information about an attending nurse (e.g. ?5 W ATT?) or delete the call (e.g. ?5 W DELL?). According to particular expectations the information on the display is freely changeable.

In the central unit, according to relevant standards, the deletion of calls are forbidden nurses are always forced to find the place of the call and are only able to delete the call there.

LED displays, which are placed above the doors, are well visible even if the surrounding lights are intensive. They show the calling or the presence of a nurse. The system contains a nurse following function: if the nurse pressed the attend/delete button, then the next incoming call in this particular ward will signal as well as in the central unit (only sound and light signals). The volume is adjustable in the central unit but only with service or technical access.

KLMED-S Central Unit

Nurse-call Panel

Throughout a USB port the central unit is attachable to a computer which can record diary about every single event and forward it to a central server. If remote access is permitted we are informed about every single fault occurrence, so troubleshooting had been able to start before the staff noticed it.

Hand switches are made of impact resistant ABS plastic with an easy to use big surface lid with a red button.

In lavatories pull switches will be installed.
The nurse-calling system possesses an accomplished MSZ EN

60601-1-2:2008 EMC measuring test record.

Further functions

? in the corridor e.g. disabled lavatories,
? intensive sub centre operation,
? call for doctor,
? collecting lamp (e.g. in case of L-shaped corridors).

Characteristics of the system

? up to 32 wards can be handled from one central unit,
? alphanumeric signals about calls distinguishing rooms from lavatories, ? by linking up central units there is a possibility to redirect calls,
? unlimited number of beds in the wards,
? operation of inner and outer lavatories,
? easy to clean foil tastature (foil switchboard) surfaces,
? a possibility to keep diary,
? a possibility to flexible enlarging,
? fast and reliable service,
? with a maintenance contract up to ten-year guarantee.


? EN ISO 9001:2008
? MSz EN ISO 13485:2010


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